Ferrous Chloride (CAS: 7758-94-3)



Molecular Formula: FeCl2

Moleculat Weight: 126.71

Specific Gravity: 1.2-1.4

Appearance: Laurel-green liquid



  • It is widely adaptable to dyes, dye intermediates and printing & dyeing industry, and has a particular decolorization ability. What’s more, it can simplify the process, shorten the period and reduce the cost in water treatment.
  • It has an obvious treatment performance for different galvanizing wastewater. The removal rate of heavy metals gets near to 100%.





FeCl2,%  ≥


FeCl3,%    ≤


pH(1% water solution)


The product can be made upon customers’ special requirement.


Application Fields:

  • It is widely used to treat the effluent disposal and wastewater in printing & dyeing industry.
  • It also can be used in dyestuff industry as a catalyst or raw material.


Usage Method & Notes:

  • The product can be dosed directly or after dilution. The diluted concentration is based on the amount of the dosage and the water quality which is to be treated. And the amount of the dosage is decided according to the experiments.
  • The product should be preserved in tightly sealed container, protected from storing int the open air. The shelf life is three months.
  • The product itself does not burn, but should be kept in special tanks because it is slightly corrosive.
  • The product shows a best effect for alkaline wastewater.