Stabilizing agent of heavy metals

Repair agent of heavy metals of contaminated sites TJCD101


Product use area:

This product can be used in heavy metal contaminated sites (including river sediment, abandoned factories, mining areas, etc)

Product performance and advantages:
1)Less dosing quantity compared to traditional agents and no affect in the physical and chemical properties and structure of the original pollution site;
2)Strong acid resistance ability and long-term stability;
3)Agricultural planting can be carried out after restoration and no heavy metals exceed in crops.

Product use methods and matters needing attention:
1) Liquid product with solid content is about 40%, according to the need to match with a certain concentration when use;
2) Attention fully mixing when diluted;
3) Pay attention to the protection when using, avoid direct contact;
4) Through the experiment, determine the optimal dosing quantity of this product;
5) Product is bottled, stored in a cool and dry place.